Dedicated to raising achievement

Situated in the heart of 1066 Country, our Academy provides continuity of education for children aged 4–11. We provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which each child can develop as an individual, academically and spiritually.

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We help children develop a fluent, clear and legible handwriting style.

Our school motto



We aim to give children a sense of confidence and belief in their own unique abilities. That’s why we’ve designed our curriculum to be as practical, creative and inspiring as possible. Every achievement is celebrated, no matter how small.



We feel a deep responsibility to nurture happy, responsible and confident young people of faith and values.



As a church Academy, we provide a Christian ethos that infuses the wider Academy community. Our teaching and reflection times focus on developing a strong culture of care, respect and empathy for one another.

What we’ve been getting up to



Roleplaying in Mrs Wright’s & Mrs Benge’s Year 1 class.

Making smoothies

Making smoothies

Following instructions in literacy by making smoothies in Mrs Wright’s & Mrs Benge’s Year 1 class.

News & events


  • Whole Academy Photograph

    Whole Academy Photograph

    As you are all aware the whole academy recently sat for a group photograph.
    Tempest, the photographers have advised that the proof will shortly be available on line.
    This is brilliant to view on line as it has a zoom facility, as there are many faces to pick out from the small proof provided with the order forms.
    Please visit:


    Please note you will not be able to order online and will receive the usual order forms soon.

  • SATS week is OVER!!!

    SATS Week is now finished.

    We are extremely proud of how Year 6 have approached this very stressful week.

    They have all been brilliant!!

    SATs are finished letter.

    Please see the attached letter from Miss Burgess and the Senior Leadership team sent home with every Year 6 child today.

  • Education Futures Trust

    Education Futures Trust

    This company works extensively with children and families in our Academy and within the community.

    They have produced a newsletter including lots of courses that may be of interest to you all.

    Please take a look at the newsletter, which can be accessed below.

    Education Futures Trust – Newsletter