The Archie Project

What a lovely end of the week last week. Year 4 were lucky enough to have a workshop which was ran by a lady called Fiona from Reminiscence Learning. The Archie Project intends to teach children and families all about Dementia Awareness ensuring that using what they’ve learnt they can help support those individuals with dementia.

They gave us information about what dementia is and the symptoms an individual with dementia would experience. In addition, they explained some really useful ways we can communicate effectively with individuals who have dementia.

They kindly left us each with our very own Archie doll and a variety of resources which we will be using to learn more about Dementia.

As a school we already have and will continue to link with a local care home where some of the patients have dementia. Therefore this was an invaluable workshop for the children to attend and is fantastic in supporting the children to care for those in the community.

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