Wow! What a day!
Red Nose Day and Science Day all at the same time. The excitement was palpable!
Here’s some pictures of the children trying to make themselves 8cm taller using only the cups and a draw. They then went on to make slime and we tested it to see if it would protect an egg from breaking. It was amazing that the corn-flour in the solution became a solid and protected the egg when the bag hit the floor! The egg escaped harm (until Mrs Fraser dropped it)!
We then used ice, salt, soya milk and plastic bags to make ice cream. It was tricky as there was a lot of over zealous cream churning- so there were several split bags. However, we did all eventually have a go and even got to taste our very own ANGELFISH ICE-CREAM!
Thanks for another memorable day Angelfish!


Nina Morris

George had a blast. He told me all about the experiments and that the ice cream was really yummy. We recently started watching mythbusters.. He has got a lot to tell about exploding trousers

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