Science Week

For Science week year 4 had lots of fun completing experiments and answering scientific enquiries.
First of all we had a ‘Biscuitology’ lesson. We were testing different biscuits to see which one would be the best to dunk in a cup of tea! We discussed the properties of each biscuit, made our predicitions and then tested. It was loads of fun and it was fantastic to see the children working so well as a group!

To our surprise the sturdy strong custard cream was the winner! So of course, Miss Primmett and Mrs Thomas enjoyed a custard cream dunked into their teas!

Later on it the week, our science lesson linked to our learning theme this term on sound.
We explored different objects and had lots of discussions about where we thought the vibrations which made the sounds came from.

It was quite a noisy lesson, vibrations were everywhere!

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