Term 5 Highlights

This term, Year 5 have continued to use and apply the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) to embed a secure understanding of these types of calculations. In addition to this, the children had to use their knowledge of place value and Roman Numerals to find matching pairs – it was a lot of fun to play a maths game!

Poetry has been our focus in English, reading and discussing The Highwayman. The children have immersed themselves in the poem discussing thoughts and feelings of the different characters, throughout. Building on their knowledge of diary writing, each child wrote a diary entry as either Bess or The Highwayman, which was then performed to the class. This was a little nerve-wracking, but everyone gave it a good attempt!

In Science, we are studying ‘Living Things and their Habitats’, in particular comparing life cycles. It was a fabulous opportunity to take our learning outside. We had an information hunt to complete life cycles of amphibians and insects.

As we go into Term 6, where hopefully the weather gets warmer, can we take this opportunity to remind you that the children will need a labeled sunhat and sun cream. (School policy states children must apply sun cream themselves.)

Your continued support is appreciated greatly.

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