Year 5 Spirit Day

Year 5 had lovely morning, with parents, embracing mindfulness. We started the day with some focused breathing. Sitting tall in our chairs, hands relaxed in our laps and eyes closed, we took a slow breath in through our nose gently for the count of 1…2…3…4 and out gently through our mouth 1…2…3…4 to help us relax our mind and body, ready for the morning ahead.

We split the morning into two activities, which both classes completed.

One activity was making dream catchers. We used thin branches of willow and created a circular shape. We used wool to create the spider style web inside the wooden hoop. Whilst wrapping the wool, we thread a few beads on to the wool. This is believed to catch the bad dreams and when the sun hits the bead, the dream is gone! To finish off, we added some feathers to represent air or breath. It was quite fiddly and we had to show great resilience and perseverance when the wool slipped off or when the beads were tricky to thread!

(Super Concentration) (Perseverance)

Hard work, focus and determination resulted in some fabulous dream catchers!

The second activity was Mindful Art. This involved looking carefully and closely at art in nature. We looked at nature images that had been magnified, looked closely at shapes and colours within them.

Finished drawings! Amazing detail!

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Thank you to all the parents who shared spirit day with us.

A great day had by all!

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