Key Stage 2

Year 3

By this stage the children really begin to develop key literacy, numeracy and social skills. They are more able to assess their own learning and offer positive feedback to others. They also spend more time editing and improving on what they initially produced, giving them a better understanding of topics and how to be successful in them.

We also make regular use of our wonderful surroundings, taking what the children have learned beyond the classroom, or venturing outside to find out something new.

Year Three Curriculum Map 2018 – 2019

Year 4

In this important year in a child’s development, as they move to our juniors and build towards joining Years 5 and 6, we encourage them to become more independent both in terms of learning and thinking, and taking personal responsibility for their work, belongings, timetable, and behaviour.

Year Four Curriculum Map 2018 – 2019

Year 5

During this academic year the children are afforded greater responsibilities around the Academy and take a leading role in many aspects of Academy life. They are trusted to take their own initiative and solve problems as and when they occur. These may be in the classroom or when trying to support a younger member of the Academy. The children really live up to expectations and truly embrace this new level of trust and independence.
Year 5 Curriculum Map 2018 – 2019

Year 6

The final year at St. Leonards Primary is a period of real transition as the children start to prepare themselves for life in secondary education. Day-to-day they will continue to learn, following the curriculum with increasingly challenging lesson outcomes to really drive their progress across all disciplines. By the time children leave the Academy they are well equipped for their lifelong learning ahead of them.

Year Six Curriculum Map 2018 – 2019

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