Academy Staff

At St. Leonards Academy there is a strong culture of care for one another. All members of staff are responsible for ensuring every child is well cared for and is encouraged to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated.

Staffing Structure

Richard White

Executive Headteacher


Head of school

Ross Maryan

Deputy Headteacher

Data, Assessment, Attendance, Behaviour and PPG, Lower KS2 Leader.

Sarah MacKinnon

Assistant Head/Inclusion

SENCo, Deputy DSL, Mental Health and Well Being.

Moura Jones

Business Manager

Laila Sadler

EYFS Leader & English Leader

Natalie Watford


Daily Supported Reading (DSR) Lead.

Matthew Sandaver

Maths Leader & Upper KS2

Louise Weller


Scarlett Court


Jeanette Routledge

Year 1

Laila Sadler

Year 1

Debbie Fraser

Year 2

Joe Wood

Year 2

Gail Wright

Year 3

Stephanie Thornton

Year 3

Lynda Parker

Year 4

Lorraine Claridge

Year 4

Natalie Watford

Year 5

Tina Mallindine

Year 5

Matthew Sandaver

Year 6

Jo Havbro

Year 6

Kirstie Wapshott

Year 4 - Jellyfish

Additional Teacher to cover Lorraine Claridge

Nikita Primmett

Additional teacher

Admin, Office Staff and Site Staff

Moura Jones – Business Manager
Jayne Aslett – Finance Officer
Amanda Thomas – Office Manager, Pupil Administrator & Deputy DSL
Mandy Ward – School Secretary and SEND administrator
Beverly Lushey – Librarian
Mick Osborne – Caretaker

Outdoor Learning Provision and Sport (PPA Cover)

Sean Ray – Sports Coach
Joel Fraser – Forest School Leader


Sharon Moye – Maths and Business Ambassadors Leader
Anne BurnsEAL and SEND intervention

Wellbeing Team

Teresa Patterson – Key worker (EFT) and Deputy DSL
Eleanor Nandlal – Wellbeing practitioner (Wednesday) (maternity leave)

Teaching Assistants & MDSAs

Amber Primmett
Sherri Barrett
Trudy Robinson
Claire Pickett
Emma Shipley
Sheila Bennett
Jenny Brockhurst
David Lock
Caroline Read
Hayley Roberts
Tina Jones
Emma Mannering
Lone Balcombe
Clare Thomas (Lead MDSA)
Sharon Moye
Natalia Sayer (Forest School)
Kerry Redford
Jess Mitchell (play leader)
Katie Broad (play leader)

Subject Leaders

Maths Leader – Matthew Sandaver
English Leader – Laila Sadler
Destination Reader Leader – Tina Mallindine
Daily Supported Reading Leader
RE Leader – Natalie Watford
Collective Worship LeaderTBC
Philosophy Leader – Jo Havbro
Science Leader – Gail Wright
Computing Leader – Nikita Primmett/Kirstie Wapshott
Art and Design Technology – Scarlett Court / Joe Wood
Learning Outside of the Classroom Leader – Debbie Fraser / Joel Fraser
PSHE Leader School Council SRE – Lynda Parker
Geography Leader – Jeanette Routledge
History Leader – Jo Havbro
Music and Drama Leader – Louise Weller
PE Leader – Debbie Fraser / Sean Ray
LGBTQ Champion – Teresa Patterson (Key worker)
Educational Visits Coordinator – Debbie Fraser