Rainforest day!

It has been lovely today in year 4 experiencing Rainforest day.
Throughout terms 5 and 6 we have been exploring rainforests which has been linked to the book ‘Running Wild’,during this topic we have been learning about:

  • Where in the world Rainforests are located.
  • The climate in a Rainforest
  • The animals that live in a Rainforest and their habitats
  • The layers of a Rainforest
    and so much more!

It was fantastic to see so many of the children dressing up and taking part in the day, coming in as their favourite Rainforest animal or an explorer.

We completed lots of Rainforest art and even made Rainforests in a bottle! Those children that took them home, don’t forget to water regularly!

We ended the day having a refreshing smoothie and taking part in some Rainforest dances.

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