What's in the egg!?

This week year 4 were exploring Mrs Parker’s basket of dragon items.

As we got to the bottom she noticed something rather strange. It seemed to be a golden egg.

We all made predictions about what we thought could be inside. Some said it was nothing, some thought it might be a chocolate egg (we wish!) and some said it could be a DRAGON.

We decided to take care of the egg, making sure to keep it warm until it was ready to hatch.

One morning, we came into school and where shocked – the egg had hatched! It created such a mess in the year 4 area.

The children couldn’t believe it so we looked for clues to decide what it must have been. Slime, fire and poo outside! It must have been a DRAGON.

We explored outside and lots of the children said that they had heard something strange.
This got us really excited for our English writing where we were drawing and describing a dragon ready to create a story.

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