Year 2 celebration comparing Peru and the UK

Year 2 celebration comparing Peru and the UK

Many thanks to the parents and carers who were able to visit school this afternoon to help celebrate our children’s achievements this term. It was great to see so many of you. We appreciate that not everyone could come and so we hope that you enjoy our photographs of the celebrations.

This term the children compared the countries that Paddington Bear travelled to and from (Peru and the UK) and wrote fantastic reports about the differences and similarities of each place.
They wrote their own Paddington stories and also wrote instructions of how to make a marmalade sandwiches!

We studied the art of Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo and used inspiration from his brightly coloured work to produce our own Amazonian collages.

Mrs Thornton has been teaching the children Peruvian music and has allowed the children to explore Peruvian instruments in music lessons! I wish I could upload the videos of the singing on this platform as the children sang beautifully! Thank you Mrs Thornton.

It’s been a very busy term and we hope that the children have enjoyed their start to year 2!
Happy half term to you all!

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