'Go Sketch' Project

Year 5 have really enjoyed the unique opportunity offered by the ‘Go Sketch’ golf and design project in Terms 1 and 2. Along with learning the skills of playing golf, the project offered opportunities for us to work in teams, to create designs for a team Golf cap and golf club ‘Topper’.
Sean, our expert golf coach, took us outside for the first skills lessons – it was a lot drier then!

As the weather deteriorated, we still played, but moved inside…

Tom, who helped us with our designs, gave each team a huge, art portfolio, which contained drawing pads, design boards and lots of pens, pencils and glues – there was even a mannequin to help our designs.
We had to create a team name and elect a Captain and Vice-Captain. We then designed our team logo/ mascot, crest, and lettering for our golf club topper and out caps.

We then presented our ideas…

While our designs went off to the printers, we had a visit from Clare, from Nat. West. Bank. She talked to us about banking, security with money and we discussed having our own accounts responsibly.
Finally, we received out printed golf caps and golf clubs with our toppers and played a final round of golf in the Hall.

We would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to Tom, Sean and Clare for all their help and support –

Year 5 loved it!

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