Year 5 Spelling practise

Hello Year 5,

In the back of your Home Learning book, why not set up the page for your spelling practise. Make a note of spellings you really want to get right (e.g. the question words: who, where, when, which, why, what).

These are the curriculum expectations for spelling, to be learnt by the end of year 2, 4 and 6.

They weren’t included in your Home learning pack, but now is a great time to practise them!

Why not select 8 to learn each week, perfectly?
Practice them each day for 5 minutes. You can use pyramid writing, petals, air writing – whatever you like that helps you remember them. Then on Friday, ask an adult ( or friend on line, perhaps) to ‘test’ you! Don’t forget to give yourself a smiley face or tick for the ones you get right.
YOU decide which ones you really need to get right (- this will be different for all of you), but try and choose ones you think you will use the most often.

Good luck & stay safe!

Mrs Mally and Mrs Watford

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