Year 5 Forest School with Mrs Watford, Mrs Mally and Mrs Moye

On the last Friday we were all together, Year 5 had Forest School in the morning and Mrs Mally, Mrs Watford and Mrs Moye did not want to be left out!

It started, as usual with reminders on staying safe and expectations for the site…

We climbed, played hide and seek, played with clay and our friends, and had hot chocolate…

Generous Mrs Moye had bought as all marshmallows to toast on the fire …

Then it all began to get a bit messy…

And then Mr Ray set a challenge for Mrs Watford: How many marshmallows could she fit in her mouth in one go?

– We never did find out the answer!

Mr Fraser then decided to start another sort of competition…

The main rule seemed to be, get everyone as wet as possible, particularly Mrs Mally!

It’s amazing how happy everyone was once they were soaked through!

We look forward, very much, to being able to take you all again – and maybe set up a special ‘shower’ for Mr Fraser!!


Hollie Watford

LOVE seeing those photos, brings back so many memories. It was a VERY fun morning even though I got wet.
From Hollie

Rosie gray

That was sooooo much fun. Everyone got a bit sticky and wet!!!

Evan's Mum - Jess

I have only just seen these photos they are brilliant and made me well up! I cannot wait to show Evan in the morning.


I love looking at those pics I miss everyone expecially the teachers

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