Year 4 Home Learning Holy Week

Hi Everyone
Hope you are all safe and well.

As you may know, this week is Holy Week. It is the most important time in the Christian calendar. Therefore your home learning this week focuses on the Easter story.

Holy Week Challenge…
Your challenge is to find out what these symbols mean for Christians and Easter.
Why are they important? What does each represent? Why are they used?
Respond in your own way – picture, poster, poem, information page, story, mind map, or something else!

1. Palm Leaves
Palm Leaves

2. Bread

3. Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns

4. Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

5. Chicks

Here are some websites and clips to recap and find out about Holy Week and the events and symbols of Easter.


Holy Week

Maundy Thursday

The Last Supper clip

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Easter Story BBC clip

Easter and Easter Eggs BBC clip

Hope you have a wonderful Easter
Stay home, Stay safe
Miss Weller and Mrs Parker

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