Mrs Pickett's Baking Challenge - Pizza Results

Well, this has been another fun baking week. This week the challenge was to make pizza. We have taken a look and they have made us feel very hungry.

Miss Burgess had a go and made a cheese and tomato pizza (nothing else in the fridge!!!)

Cody made pizza from scratch.

Olive and Pearl made this pizza from scratch and baked it in an outdoor pizza oven.

Jake and Ollie had fun making pizza for dinner.

Kaci and Kayla made these beauties from scratch too.

A new member of year 1 has taken part in our challenge. Welcome to #TeamStLens.

Cheese and Tomato on one side and Cheese & Tomato with Salami On the other, was very yummy!

We also had some lovely scones this week.

These will be judged tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

The winners are announced here. Well done all. The winners and next challenge.

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