School Tour

This is a short video that will show some of the changes we have made to the school environment to enable us to open to more pupils (hopefully) on Monday 1st June.

We have removed all soft furnishings and cleared surfaces to enable cleaning to be completed regularly.

Please be aware the school may look different. But………….we are the same! We will be there with big smiles, happy to see everyone. We will do everything we can to make sure the children feel safe, secure and happy. We will just need to do this at a distance.

School Tour



Jodean bown

Really upsetting seeing our school like this, i showed Vinnie Winyard (MISS REEDS classroom) and the video of the school and his face expression changed straight away. Like he has seen a ghost.. very different for the better of course for safety reasons but also very upsetting when we look at times we all spent together like SPIRIT DAYS, CHRISTMAS fairs ect… reception shouldn’t be learning like this

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