Virtual Leavers Service song words and music - Year 6

Next week the Diocese leavers service will go live and we would really like it if you watch it with us and celebrate your child’s time in primary school as we would have done had we been able to attend the service in church.
We plan to watch it in school one day of the week beginning 13th July. As soon as we have confirmed the date and time we will let you know so that you can watch it at the same time at home should you wish.

In preparation we are posting a link to the music and words for the hymns that will be sung during the service. The children should know them as we sung them in singing assembly last year, however they may want a little reminder before the service.

Virtual Leavers Service

Please note we will also be having a leavers assembly on the last day of term that you will be able to watch from home if you are not attending school.

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