The Olympics and Guinness World Records with the Tiger Sharks and Mally Gang

The children have been enjoying learning about the Olympics and some of the history behind it. They created flags, designed their own medals and drew bar charts and line graphs to explore some of the amazing World records achieved in athletics.They also created their own ‘Olympic’ events and competed in them on the field.

We then explored some of the Guinness World Records. We measured the tallest and shortest human and compared ourselves to them. We also measured other amazing biggest and smallest human anomalies, and …

some of us got a bit ‘chalky’!

We then attempted to break a few records ourselves. The most amount of times a basketball or football has been passed around the legs in 30 seconds is 68. We tried to beat this…

Our record was 38!

And then we attempted My Ray’s Guinness World Record Challenge: The fastest time to organize the alphabet correctly using tinned alphabet spaghetti is 3 minutes 21 seconds.
SO we had a go…

And some of us got a bit messy!!

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