School meals

Friendship groups allow packed lunch eaters to sit with school meal eaters.
Friendship groups allow packed lunch eaters to sit with school meal eaters.

A balanced meal and a vegetarian dish are available each day to purchase at the Academy kitchen. In the dining hall children sit in friendship groups, with school meals and packed lunches mixed.

In common with many schools/academies in the county, our school meals are run by Chartwells, an outside organisation and completely separate from the Academy.

The menu for Term 2 & 3 is now available to book on school gateway. Please ensure you have booked a meal for your child if one is required by 9am each morning at the latest.

Please see the latest menu and baguette menu for terms 2 and 3.
Menu – Terms 2 & 3

Baguette Menu


The Academy cannot accept responsibility for a child’s money.
We are now cashless. Parents need to place funds on their child’s dinner account and pre-book their dinner choice using the Gateway/App via SchoolComms. Universal and free school meals need to pre-book only and a credit will automatically be applied.
If you are unable to use Gateway you must collect a paypoint voucher from the office and pay at any store or garage displaying the paypoint sign.

Free school meals

Under new government regulations, children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 automatically receive free school meals regardless of personal circumstances. However we ask those parents or carers who are in receipt of ESA or child tax credit to still complete the free school meal application form so that the Academy still receives the additional funding for these children. The additional funding is specifically used to raise the attainment of this group of children.

Years 3,4,5 and 6 still need to pay for school dinners(currently £2.05) unless they are eligible for free school meals (criteria- see above). An application form and current menu can be obtained from the Academy office.

Packed lunches

Alternatively children may bring a packed lunch to the Academy. All packed lunches should be in a suitable container with the child’s name clearly written on the outside.

Healthy eating is encouraged and children should have a well balanced lunch which includes some fruit and vegetables. Sweets and chocolate bars are not permitted although a chocolate biscuit may be included. Glass bottles and cans of fizzy drink are not permitted.