Academy uniform

The Academy uniform, worn by all children, is an important and distinctive feature of our Academy. We believe it encourages the children to take pride in themselves and their Academy. We therefore ask parents to ensure that their children wear all the correct uniform every day.


  • grey or black shorts or long trousers
  • white polo shirt or white shirt
  • Academy sweatshirt or Academy fleece
  • dark coloured socks
  • black Academy shoes


  • grey or black skirt, grey or black trousers or pinafore dress
  • white polo shirt or white blouse
  • red and white striped or checked dress (during summer)
  • Academy sweatshirt, cardigan or Academy fleece
  • grey, black or white tights or socks
  • black Academy shoes

Please note: Jeans, jean-type trousers or jogging trousers, leggings, pedal pushers, trainers and high heeled shoes are not acceptable.

PE kit

  • plimsolls
  • white t-shirt
  • red shorts

Your child’s PE kit should be in a small bag, which can be easily hung on a peg. Large sports bags are not permitted due to the lack of cloakroom space.

Sun hats

Although not compulsory, we do advise that the children wear these as appropriate.


Small studs may be worn – these will need to be removed for PE and stored safely or, alternatively, not worn to the Academy on PE days.



Long hair should be tied back. No shaved designs on scalp during term-time.


Hair below shoulder length should be tied back using hair bands in either a neutral colour or Academy colours. Hair dye should not be used during term-time.

It is essential that all items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Although we like children to have the correct Academy jumper/Cardigan please feel free to buy the rest in economy shops such as the supermarkets etc. We do not insist that all uniform is branded.

Stockists of uniform if you wish to purchase are Superstitch ; paul bowcock email: